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SEMINAR Announcement, 15 sept, Prof. P.Pasquier

SEMINAR Announcement FRIDAY 15 SEPTEMBER, 11AM, ROOM MA 218 Geothermal Heat Pump Applications and Theory: An Introduction to Spectral Methods for the Construction of g-functions for ground response modelling and predictions (Prof. Philippe Pasquier, Polytech Montreal) En2 students and En2 teachers are all invited

Strike, exam dates, period 28 aug- 31 oct 2017

Some Professors are expected to strike in one exam date during the period (28 aug- 31 oct 2017), according to the following Univ. of Genova Announcement. Alternative dates will be defined by the Professors in charge after their striking   (UNIGE Announcement, Avviso importante sciopero docenti Comunicazione ai sensi dell’art. 2, comma 6, legge [...]

New Scholarship Call

A new scholarship Call has been issued and it is addressed to En2 foreign students. Please check the related web page at

Student Elections, candidates

The election of student representatives for the En2 Council will be held on april 2017, 26th (from 9.30am to 5.30pm) and 27th (from 9.00am to 2.00pm). Polling place is Building Lagorio, Savona Campus, CENS office Students still willing to candidate themselves are invited to contact the  DIME student office (, Mrs Rossella Capizzi and Rita [...]

Green Week 2017

Fellowships for the Green Week 2017 (28 feb-5 march 2017) are available for En2 and En3 students. See here for further information on the available fellowships, options and how to apply (in Italian) The initiative is aimed at visiting during a tour a series of green enterprises of the Veneto Region. The second part of [...]

MCI Innsbruck Winter Program

En2 students are informed that  MCI Innsbruck (En2 partner in Erasmus Plus mobility) is going to launch its first Winter Program in February 2017. This Winter Program is designed predominately for engineering students with the opportunity to also select one or two business courses. MCI is delighted to welcome En2 students in Innsbruck. Have a [...]

English B2 Course (2016/17)

The En2 Council is happy to announce that the English Level B2 (aa 2016/17) course is going to start. The Course is offered for free to En2, En3 and BSc Industrial students who enrolled at Student Office in Savona. The Lectures will be held by CLAT Unige teachers in rooms MA117 (Tue) and  MA216 (Fri), [...]

Fellowships, St. Petersburg Gas Forum

The International Gas Forum’s Youth Day 2016 will be held in St Petersburg, Russia. Youth Day is organized to encourage interaction between master’s students and the energy sector players. The event provides opportunities for students interested in a career in the gas or energy sectors. Students will also have the chance to attend interactive workshops [...]