Available Thesis Topics

The List below shows some topics related to the thesis activity available at En2. The List is under construction and thesis topics are subject to change. Please contact the supervisors for more details.

Thesis Title Topic Description Supervisors and external collaborations
Modelling the hygro and thermal behaviour of an eco-friendly underwater mini farm Greenhouse internal climate is the result of a complex energy and mass balance that involves sunlight, air mass flow, heat transmission, plant transpiration.  Underwater, submarine greenhouses are an intriguing challenge that the enteprise OceanReef tackled few year ago. Present thesis, in collaboration with Mestel Safety and OceanReef, is addressed at modelling the heat, light,  moisture, gas transfers inside submarine biospheres, comparing model predictions with available experimental data and defining best strategies for plant growth

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Supervisors: Giovanni Tanda and Marco Fossa

In collaboration with Mestel Safety

Enterprise Fellowship available (800euros)