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Flash Floods in Liguria

Water is a resource, water can be a danger: torrential rains lashed Liguria late Tuesday, causing flash floods that killed some people .In the Mediterranean region many cities are located in flood-prone areas and millions of people are exposed to inundation risk. For this reason issuing early flood warning to the population is crucial in […]

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Anti-pollution exercise

University of Genoa will take part to the anti-pollution exercise RAMOGE-HAVEN 2011 aimed at simulating an environmental emergency caused by accidental pollution. The exercise requires the simulation of marine pollution due to an explosion in the bow of a tanker approaching the Multedo Genoa Harbour carrying 15000 t of oil. To study the movements of […]

Notice to students

about Module of Fluid Dynamics: Lesson planned on Wednesday, 26 October 2011, 14 p.m is postponed from 15 17 p.m.

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New Zealand maritime pollution

More than 350 t of heavy oil fuel was estimated to have leaked from the Rena ship, with authorities fearing that all 1.500 t on the vessel will be released if it breaks up and sinks. This disaster reminds us the analogous environmental disaster occurred on April 1991 in Italy, a few miles from our […]

Admission exam & regulation

Italian students are solicited to carefully read the section Regulation before attempting to pass the entrance examination. They are requested to send in advance to the “Segreteria Studenti” of University of Genoa  all the documentation about their curriculum studiorum.

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Micro smart grids

Energy availability and rational use are a pre-condition to a sustainable development. Diversification of primary energy sources and segmentation into big central units and smaller distributed units is the only sustainable energy model over the long term. This implies integration of large scale power plants (gas, oil, large hydro, nuclear etc.) and distributed generators that […]

Info for students…

… about this website: For any information, comment or request related to this website (including your account), contact the webmaster.    

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Students’ contribution to EN3 website

All the registered students interested to publish some brief articles, insights and news, or their perspective  in one of the six topics appearing in the website homepage are solicited to send their contribution to

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Chem Med 2011

The countdown for CHEM-MED, The International Chemical Event has started. Just a few days to the 2011 edition, which opens its doors on Wednesday 5 October at fieramilanocity with more than250 exhibitors, taking up 18,000 square metres of exhibition area, and about 10,000 visiting professionals expected. During the International Year of Chemistry (IYC), CHEM-MED is […]